Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) is a promising last-mile technology for expanding the reach of IP transport services in the emerging markets. In many emerging markets there is a serious lack of wireline broadband facilities. Mobile broadband networks like 3G, HSDPA, Mobile WiMax or LTE are now commonly being deployed to service the broadband needs of these markets.  However it is well known that mobile broadband solutions will not be able to provide service comparable to fixed broadband networks like FTTH, cable broadband or DSL.  

Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) is a proven solution that allows the delivery of DSL level service with a minimum of investment and expense.  FBWA networks can deliver sufficient capacity to all individual subscribers to enable rich multimedia residential broadband services including peer to peer file sharing and video streaming. Today, the developments in technology allow telco-grade FBWA solutions to be delivered by very cost effective WiFi based technologies in the unlicensed spectrum.

DRYVE IT offers a wide range of professional services, from network design to implementation, maintenance and support and consulting services for WiFi, WiMax and BWA networks using proprietary technologies. 

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The city-wide FBWA network in Cotonou, Benin uses Wi-Fi and Motorola Canopy base stations that are co-located on 3G base stations.  The network provides blanket coverage of the entire city providing network availability of over 99.988% historical up-time. An upgrade of the power systems is currently underway that will address the almost daily power failures.  This upgrade is expected to increase the network availability to over 99.999%. 

Built using a combination of Wi-Fi and Motorola Canopy access networks, the Cotonou FBWA network is optimized to provide low cost residential broadband service and high performance corporate broadband service. The network uses a metro-Ethernet backbone built using high performance microwave backbone radios in order to provide the highest reliability and network capacity. The FBWA network was deployed in 2008 and the operator is now the number one broadband wireless provider in Benin. 

In 2012, we upgraded the systems to support a consumable prepaid billing solution with the ability to self-provision different grades of user service. Dryve IT is currently working with Isocel to upgrade its current network to improve the capacity and reach of the Isocel Broadband service.