Consultancy Services

Dryve IT has the experience and the skill sets to offer consultancy services for the Next-Generation BWA Network. The core focus of Dryve IT is in developing and building low cost BWA networks that allow operators in emerging markets to deliver ubiquitous broadband Internet access services while maintaining the highest levels of service and customer experience.

Current technologies allow the development of DSL grade residential broadband wireless access (Wireless DSL) networks with high customer acquisition rate models and low cost and even zero truck roll deployment models. 

Dryve IT knows that setting up a scalable BWA network requires a comprehensive effort on the part of the operator.  Therefore we provide assistance in developing all aspects of the BWA business; specifically focusing on the following key areas to assist broadband operators who want to develop an effective BWA business or who need to upgrade and optimize an existing BWA business that is confronted with growth and scaling issues.

  1. Access Network Design, Specification, Equipment Sourcing and Sizing
    • CPE
    • Micro Base Station
    • Macro Base Station
    • Access Network Capacity Analysis
    • RF Simulation and frequency planing of Micro BS and Macro BS access network
  2. Resource and Admission Control Function (RACF) Systems Design and Sizing
  3. Transport Network (Core and Backhaul) Design and Sizing
  4. Base Station Infrastructure Design 
    • Frequency Plans and Deployment strategies
  5. Building and Plant Requirements
    • Power requirements and other plant recommendations
    • Grounding and power protection
  6. International and Domestic Internet Bandwidth Requirements Recommendations
  7. Billing and Operations Support Systems Requirements Identification and Recommendations
  8. Logistics and Asset Management Requirements Recommendation
  9. Customer Support Requirements Identification Recommendations
  10. Line and Staff Personnel Requirements Identification
  11. Sales and Channel Model Options Validation and Requirements Identification
  12. Program Management
  13. Validation of Target Markets and Prevailing Market Conditions
  14. Business Modeling and Financial Feasibility Studies


Dryve IT has extensive and proven Project Management skills, developed from years of building successful BWA networks, from small-scale networks to BWA networks with several thousand base stations which can handle several hundred thousands to millions of subscribers.  Network project implementation times of 3 months for a small city covering 100 Sq Km are possible. We can guarantee the quick delivery of your BWA Network.

System Integration Services and Embedded Solutions

Dryve IT has the ability to integrate solutions from the most cost effective equipment suppliers in the world. We have integrated solutions for entire greenfield solutions involving the power systems, environmental solutions, radio equipment, tower systems, cabling solutions, AAA, Bandwidth Management, Billing Solutions, OSS systems, Server Systems, Storage solutions and Cloud-based solutions. 

Dryve IT has also developed its own embedded DAX AAA and Bandwidth management network controllers optimized for Wi-Fi and other FBWA deployments. We also offer the Dryve IT DAX Business Engines which provide Billing and OSS solutions for prepaid, postpaid, fixed usage and consumable type business models. 

Project Management and Documentation

Dryve IT can provide high quality project management and project deployment services.  We can deliver first class technical resources anywhere in the world. These resources are built up from a pool of experts who have extensive real world experience in the design, development, deployment, operations and maintenance of BWA networks.

We can document and certify all aspects of your network. We can generate documentation for all system parameters and performance expectations.

  • Physical installations
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Equipment Rack
  • Indoor Equipment
  • Power and Equipment Grounding
  • Data and Power cables
  • Radio Equipment
  • Network Equipment
  • Operations and Maintenance Systems