Installing a Wireless CPE

Solutions for FBWA

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Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) is a promising last-mile technology for expanding the reach of IP transport services to the emerging markets.

Wireline solutions, aside from the prohibitive and underlying costs of deployment, involve more time and inconveniences to the general public and the environment. The alternative solution is similar to the mobile cellular technology that has leapfrogged the inadequacy of fixed-line voice services, is a wireless broadband solution.

However, while FBWA is a more economical, non-obtrusive, and quick to deploy, the early wireless broadband solutions, especially the WiMax based solutions failed to address key operational requirements to arrive at a profitable business model.

  1. How to deploy an inexpensive Next-Generation network with a tightly-knit collaboration between Technology, Operations, and Marketing objectives.
  2. How to execute a functional network with the facility to activate a subscriber and monitor utilization under reasonable fair-share limits, ensuring consistent delivery of network QoS.
  3. How to implement a seamless and optimized network with the capability to gather and correlate key component data for capacity planning and maintenance in order to scale the network, as needed.
  4. How to put into service a productive network with high subscriber connection success rates and maintain high service levels.
  5. How to incorporate a modern self-services billing and provisioning system with Pre-paid, Postpaid and subscriber wallet for ease of revenue management.
  6. Lastly, how do you apply a deployment model which can build successful BWA networks ranging from a few dozen to several thousand base stations with hundreds of thousands of fixed BWA subscribers.

Whereas other deployments solely rely on radio technologies like WiMax to address Quality of Service, subscriber activations, or network scalability, we can address all key concerns from a system point of view. This allows our solutions to scale from thousands of subscribers, to hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers.

With several years of experience in growing and running a successful BWA Telco-ISP and developing solutions and collecting data in different operating environments, we have the experience to help build a FBWA solution that addresses all critical points needed to be successful in the business.

We have designed and built BWA networks for the emerging markets. Our advanced designs and methodologies help ISP's come up with a profitable BWA model. The result is a tried and tested Carrier-Grade Next-Generation BWA Network solutions fit for developing markets, as well as modern countries were the broadband infrastructure is insufficient.