About Us

DRYVE IT Inc. is a consultancy firm that specializes in building Broadband Wireless Networks that can provide a true alternative to DSL broadband in countries with little or no fixed wire infrastructure. Unlike our competition, we can build a complete Carrier-Grade Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) solution to address real world technical and business problems that would challenge operators planning to use wireless technology to provide DSL-like service in their market.

Our BWA solution includes the following key service components to facilitate the smooth and speedy provision of a broadband service.

  • Site Selection and Preparation
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Local Services Outsourcing
  • Network and Base Station Deployment
  • Support Systems Deployment
  • Pre-Paid and Postpaid Wallet Based Billing Solution

We strive to be the best in Broadband Wireless Access solutions. Resulting from our combined operational experience and expertise in Telecommunications, Networking, Software Development and RF Engineering, DRYVE IT enables Telecom Operators and WISPs worldwide to significantly improve their bottom line using our proven DAX BWA access control, bandwidth management and pre-paid/postpaid billing solution.

With our proven BWA solution, you can command market ownership and strengthen your position as a Next-Generation Network provider.

Our Corporate History

DRYVE IT was incorporated on April 2010 to provide expertise and solutions primarily for the emerging markets worldwide.

Rene dos Remedios, the founder of DRYVE IT is the same innovator who started Meridian Telekoms, Inc., in 1999. Meridian was the pioneer in Fixed BWA in the Philippine market. The BWA network built by Meridian was purchased by the largest mobile operator in the Philippines (Smart Communications) primarily because of Meridian's capability to build a BWA network using very economical BTS and CPE devices with inherent QoS, Access control and Bandwidth management network capabilities.

Within six months, Meridian deployed for Smart Communications a 1000 base station Fixed BWA network, covering 384 towns and cities. The company has become the largest and fastest growing FIxed-BWA network provider in the world with over 500,000 subscribers in 2009.

Smart Communications renamed Meridian and the sercvice is currently known as SmartBro. 

In 2006, Mr. Dos Remedios also founded Latitude Broadband, Inc., a manufacturer of customized networking equipment designed to provide complete network management, user bandwidth control and operational control of BWA networks.

Today, the team at DRYVE IT brings more than fifteen years of experience in building and deploying BWA technology and solving real world BWA technical and business problems.